WordPress add your css and js

Put this code in your plugin function your_css_and_js() { wp_register_style(‘your_css_and_js’, plugins_url(‘style.css’,__FILE__ )); wp_enqueue_style(‘your_css_and_js’); wp_register_script( ‘your_css_and_js’, plugins_url(‘your_script.js’,__FILE__ )); wp_enqueue_script(‘your_css_and_js’); } add_action( ‘admin_init’,’your_css_and_js’); if you need to add it to theme, then function your_css_and_js() { wp_register_style(‘your_css_and_js’, theme_url(‘style.css’,__FILE__ )); wp_enqueue_style(‘your_css_and_js’); wp_register_script( ‘your_css_and_js’, theme_url(‘your_script.js’,__FILE__ )); wp_enqueue_script(‘your_css_and_js’); } add_action( ‘admin_init’,’your_css_and_js’); This page has been readed 119 times

wordpress error 500 aruba

Hosting Linux and WordPress – prevent “500-Internal Server Error” The automatic update feature of the well-known Cms WordPress overwrites files and resets the CHMOD permissions according to the configuration setup by the developers. Such setting, for Linux Hosting web space, causes the error “500 – Internal Server Error”. To solve the error simply apply a […]

wordpress trova e sostituisci

Ecco alcune query che ci possono aiutare durante la migrazione di worpress. In questo modo possiamo trovare tutti i link all’interno di post, pagine, immagini ed aggiornarli con il nuovo domino. Abbiamo bisogno di accedere al database SQL, per farlo comunemente i provider mettono a disposizione il phpmyadmin. Prima di eseguire ogni operazione è opportuno […]

wordpress find and replace

Recently we’ve helped a few of our clients move wordpress installations between domain names. This is a fairly easy process except that links that were made inside of posts, such as links to other posts, pages and images hosted on the site are likely to break. Also, if you change permalinks around a lot or […]