fail2banWith this guide you can create a filter for fail2ban to block hack on wordpress login.

To first create the filter

vi /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/apache-wplogin.conf

and paste this code

# Fail2Ban configuration file
failregex = <HOST>.*] "POST /wp-login.php
 <HOST>.*] "GET /wp-login.php

After add the jail in


at the and of the file

enabled = true
port = http,https
action = iptables[name=WP, port=http, protocol=tcp]
sendmail-whois[name=WPLOGIN, [email protected], sender=fail2ban-wplogin]
filter = apache-wplogin
logpath = /var/www/vhosts/system/*/statistics/logs/access_log
#findtime = 3600
maxretry = 20
bantime = 3600

Now restart fail2ban

/etc/init.d/fail2ban restart

In logpath parameter you need to specify the log file to analyse.
In this case I’m analysing the access log for all the virtual host in parallel plesk.

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