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Recursively chmod only directories or files

Ever come across the problem of needing to chmod a directory and its many, many, sub-directories, but you don’t want to touch any of the files? Maybe it’s the exact opposite, or you need to recursively change the permissions on only files with a specific extension. Well I had a similar problem with one of […]

Solution for slow SSH login in CentOS 6

If SSH login is very slow in CentOS 6 it’s because they have added another security feature, the SSH server will do a reverse DNS again for any incoming connection, this will delay connection up to 13 seconds, to avoid this:   Access the server Edit the ssh config nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config Look for use dns […]

Apache Tomcat Installation on Linux (RHEL and clones)

This article provides information about the installation and basic configuration of Apache Tomcat on RHEL and its clones. Installation Checking the Status of Tomcat Configuration Files Enabling HTML Management Access Deploying Applications Related articles. Linux HTTP and FTP Server Configuration (RHCSA) Linux HTTP Server Configuration (RHCE) Apache : Reverse Proxy Configuration Apache Tomcat 7 Installation […]