Email password in parallel plesk

Are you a system administrator? A customer can’t use the webmail and you need to assist it? If parallel plesk is set to store plain text password whit this MYSQL query  you can find it. ATTENTION: use this command only if you have really no other choice!!! Source: This page has been readed 598 times

File hosts ignored

If your file host is ignored probably you have set wrong permission or wrong syntax (space or tab). You can quickly solve the problem with the microsoft fix from HERE. This page has been readed 1297 times

File hosts ignorato

Se il vostro file hosts ignorato la cosa molto probabilmente è dovuta dai permessi o dalla punteggiatura (spazi e tab). Possiamo risolvere rapidamente con il fix microsoft prelevabile da QUI. This page has been readed 683 times

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Why do a lot of experience and do not share anything? From this was born the idea for this blog … This page has been readed 468 times

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